This cute cat has been crowned “ugliest sleeping face ever.” 

This is Setsu-Chan. She’s a proper cutey. I mean look at that white fluffy face and big blue eyes omnomnom.   However, according to a ton of Japanese publications, she’s been voted “Most Awful Sleeping Face”. But you’re thinking… It can’t be that bad right?! Wrong, so wrong.             Happy Saturday! HH…

Brexit won. Remain lost. Now stop complaining.

Brexit won the EU referendum this morning. Now what? Waking up this morning, my social media feeds were full of a divided country, and a country full of hate for another half of the population. I’ve openly stated that this referendum was a foolish and irresponsible idea – considering the gravity of the result and the…

Father’s Day: Personalised Gift Ideas

Are you stuck for ideas for a present this Father’s Day? Check out the below video for a simple (and cheap) idea for a personalised framed present. All of these items you can get in craft stores like HobbyCraft, The Works or  grocery stores. HH xo

50 ways that being a blogger can change your life.

When I’d just started blogging, I spotted this post by The Millionaire’s Digest. They’ve recently put it up again and it still blew me away. It’s a great read for anyone who wants to go into blogging full time. HH xo 1. You become passionate about working. Success in entrepreneurship depends on following your passions….

Metabolisms really decline in your 20s. Graph shows sad reality.

Your metabolism can start declining from the tender age of 26. Now this is bad news to start the morning off. I had been getting all excited about #weekendfood and now I feel like crying into bran flakes sprinkled with kale. This mean graph using information from the United States Department of Health shows how many…