Self-Service Checkouts are making us all into lying stinkin’ thieves apparently.

Using self-checkouts increase theft by over double, according to a study.

asda self check out

According to a recent report from the University of Leciester,  loss at shops using self-scan technology increased by an average of 122%.

The dramatic shoot in crime is apparently because the lack of face-to-face contact (and the fact that those machines are probably the most annoying things in the world) mean that we are more likely to fancy our luck at the Five Finger Discount.

When people do try to thieve, retailers often struggle to work out if the customer really did try and pull a swift-one, or whether the machine has been playing up. Therefore, Leicester University boffs say it creates a ‘excuse’ for the odd cheeky faux scan.

People who are Class A citizens are also more likely to be lured into stealing via a self checkout. The study suggested that it is so easy customers who wouldn’t normally consider stealing are more tempted to steal.

So, do we consider it ‘less’ of a crime, due to the lack of social interaction and therefore human to human moral damnation?

I’ve witnessed a man literally making a ‘beep’ sound with his mouth and pretending to scan stuff, and walking away with a bag full of goods before. When I told the checkout assistant, she just laughed and said “Oh Tom’s back again.”

It’s weird that we were both secretly impressed at the audacity….

So, here’s the big question – are you a self-checkout stealer?

And do you feel guilty about it?

HH xo



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  1. Don’t they still have cameras on those things and attendants looking at you to make sure you are doing it right? I would always feel bad about stealing.

    1. hannahadkins says:

      I know! I’d have thought that cameras and attendants would be enough to prevent theft. Thanks for commenting.

      1. Or even those mace wielding security guards, but I guess not.

  2. David Swan says:

    I’m trying to see where Hopeless Hannah fits in with a ‘five finger discount’ maybe you used to be an ex-moll. Personally the fact that someone bothers to make a beep sound is hilarious. I’m practising my beep now. Beep! Bag of frozen chips. Beep! Box of Magnums.

    1. hannahadkins says:

      haha! Although I’m not au fait with the Five Finger Discount, I was really impressed with this guy’s thought process and genuine “I don’t give a crap” ways!

  3. It’s funny you mention this. Just recently, I was guilty of this but by total accident (Honestly!). I scanned in the codes of some vegetables but didn’t realize that you’re supposed to weigh them and THEN type the code in. Result? Bag of fresh broccoli, 99 cents. Thought I had a bargain. Guess not!

  4. sniderjerry says:

    Watch out…Cameras, God, and Santa Claus are everywhere.

  5. Belinda O says:

    I know at least one major retailer in the U.S. was looking at a system that would basically scan your entire basket in one fell swoop. You roll the cart under a bar or something. Thieves would have to get a bit more creative. The problem they were running into is it also scans empty candy bar wrappers you might have in your purse or the bar code on your sweater that they didn’t remove when you were shopping at the Gap.

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