In wake of May becoming Prime Minister, misogyny is now classed as a ‘hate crime.’

From Wednesday 13th July, misogyny, including cat-calling, wolf whistling and sexually advancing towards a woman without consent, can be considered a hate crime.

Nottinghamshire Police are now considering misogynistic acts as in the same category as disability or race crimes.

It feels as though women are finally being taken seriously. And with a new female Prime Minister Theresa May, who prides herself on being a powerful feminist, perhaps things are really looking up for sexism in Britain.

The force’s definition of misogynistic hate crime is:

‘Incidents against women that are motivated by an attitude of a man towards a woman, and includes behaviour targeted towards a woman by men simply because they are a woman.’

Chief Constable Sue Fish:

‘What women face, often on a daily basis, is absolutely unacceptable and can be extremely distressing.

‘Nottinghamshire Police is committed to taking misogynistic hate crime seriously and encourages anyone who is affected by it to contact us without hesitation.’

But in wake of such good news, it seems that people’s opinions of misogyny and whether it should be offensive or not are mixed.

twitter 2

Misogyny isn’t a man being kind to a woman, it’s asserting power over another human being by demeaning them – either with sexual advances, offending their right to an opinion by being derogatory, or making them downright uncomfortable about their gender.

But is this too PC for our generation?

What’s your opinion?


HH xo



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  1. draliman says:

    Anything which helps protect people from abuse is a good thing, and this makes it clear to certain men that this sort of thing is unacceptable. However, I take the point of one of those Twitter posters (Rowling) – maybe there should be a reciprocal law to protect men from women (though much rarer in terms of incidents I’m sure). Don’t know if there’s a word for that, mind 🙂

  2. Antonio says:

    Is she another Thatcher? (iron-lady)…
    Congratulations for your interesting blog.
    many regards 🙂

    1. hannahadkins says:

      Perhaps, I’m sure she’ll carve her own identity whilst in power 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  3. K E Garland says:

    Wow! This does seem as if it would be difficult to capture and I can see it getting out of hand; however, it is a great start towards recognizing and solving a problem.

  4. Wendy says:

    Gosh this is a tricky one.. Personally I’ve not considered ‘wolf whistles’ as demeaning and think it’s very politically correct… maybe that’s because I’m older I’m not sure… However, I’ve noticed in recent years that there is definitely a ‘role reversal’, with women at work etc… which is seen also in a lot of the TV adverts here in the UK and I’m sure elsewhere… so I don’t see it as a ‘man thing’… I just think we should respect each other regardless of gender..

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