Review: MAC False Lash Extreme Black Mascara

What’s the real difference between MAC False Lash Mascara and normal mascara?

MAC Mascara is renowned for being the bees knees, and with a price tag of around £19, it’s double the standard cost for a decent mascara. But is it worth a little splurge?

I put it to the test against a *cough* standard mascara and let the results speak for themselves. One eye has MAC False Lash Extreme black, and the other has Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara in Black, which usually retails in at £5-£7.

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  1. Belinda O says:

    But does it stay on, or does it smudge? I love MAC products but haven’t tried their mascara. I’ll pay whatever it costs for mascara that doesn’t smudge.

    1. hannahadkins says:

      It really does stay on, Belinda! However the best that I have used for staying power is Clarin’s Wonder Perfect. Hope you’re well 🙂

      1. Belinda O says:

        Thank you for that info!!!!

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