Top 5 Treehouse Hotels – they’re so cool it’ll blow your mind

Why stay on the ground when you can stay in a treehouse, right?

If you want a travel experience that will make Instagram tip his hat in pride at your photos, then look no further than a night at a treehouse hotel. I’ve handpicked my favourite selection worldwide for you to try:

  1. Human Nest, Treebones Resort, California.

This is eco-extreme. Built and designed by local artist Jayson Fann, the nest sleeps two people. It’s not waterproof, and you’ll have to bring your own sleeping bag, but the views over California’s Big Sur look spectacular.  You can book here.

human nest big sur california
Glamping fantastic in California.

2. Lion Sands Resort, Kruger National Park, South Africa.

This may give people the heebie jeebies (all I can imagine is a giant eagle swooping in and stealing me from the bed, or spooning a lion) but if you can suck it up, you’ll be in for one of the most magical nights ever.

Snuggled in the African Bush, the open air room gives you fabulous views. It’s said to have a clarity of ‘1 million’ when it comes to star gazing. I’m not sure what that means, but it’s meant to be pretty much the best star-spotting rating you can get on our little planet.  Check out how to book here.

lion sands treehouse south africa safari
For safety, all of the treehouses have double security doors.

3. Les Ormes,Ormes, France.

There’s nothing that brings out my inner child more than the thought of staying in a treehouse where you have to get to it by zip wire. Oh yeah, fo reals.

Les Ormes resort in Ormes, around 30 mins from Saint Malo, has a fantastic range of eco tree houses for people to enjoy. Whether you are heading to France on a family vacation or a couples retreat, there’s a cabin in the sky that’s fit for you. Check out how to book here.

les ormes glamping treehouses
You’ll have to go round an adventure course in the trees to get to this hotel.

4. Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island, Canada.

Nestled in the coastal rainforest of Vancouver Island, the Free Spirit Spheres are a hanging bedroom for up to three people.

Only minor issue is you’ll have to peg it 50m to the bathroom, but you’ll look forward to a gently swaying night’s sleep when you return.

vancouver island free spirit spheres
Take the spiral staircase to your own pods for the night!

5. Kadir’s Tree House, Olympos, Turkey.

Turkey doesn’t exactly hold precednent for tree hotels, but this is 45 units of sheer hippie heaven. And with beds from £15 per night, it’s also super cheap.

You can hike, sun yourself on the Olympos beach, and visit the Lost City of Chimera whilst at the resort.

tree houses turkey kadir
The whole resort sleeps up to 110 people at one time, giving a community feel.


To the next adventure!

HH xo




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