How to take make-up off quickly without damaging your skin

It’s the ultimate question – how the bloomin’ heck do I take off all of this stuff on my face without spending hours in the bathroom?

Cleansing wipes were made just for that purpose – and with their steep price tag, it shows that convenience really does cost. They’re also pretty terrible for your skin.

Dr Bunting told Femail:

‘Alongside the surfactants, many of these wipes contain alcohol as this helps them cut through thick and tenacious make-up…

However, while alcohol might clear stubborn lip-liner, it’s also effective at damaging skin.’

I have crazy dry skin, and I often am so lazy when it comes to removing make up that my pillow gets the panda eye treatment. But I’ve just found L’OREAL’s Extraordinary Oil: Facial Cleansing Oil and I’m completely obsessed.

L'OREAL's Extraordinary Oil Facial Cleansing Oil
L’OREAL’s Extraordinary Oil Facial Cleansing Oil

It takes roughly three minutes to clean off your entire face. You can rub it close to your eyes, remove all of your mascara, foundation and lipstick. And after you’ve rinsed it off, you won’t see any make up on your towel or get painful soap in your eyes.


product review loreal extraordinary oil
I BLOOMIN’ LOVE IT! I’ve been using it for a week, and as you can see there’s so much #liquidgold left…

The best part is, L’OREAL is value for money. You can grab a 150ml bottle for £7.99 from Superdrug. I’ve been using this bottle for six days and I’ve only used a very small amount, so it’s worth the money.

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Let me know if you love L’OREAL’s Extraordinary Oil as much as I do!

HH xo



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